Nord Solar uses Autarco solar panels in most of its works.
Autarco is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, offering customers kWh guarantees, making homes and businesses more environmentally friendly and reducing dependence on traditional energy. Autarco is Nord Solar’s longest-standing partner.


SolaX Power manufactures inverters and energy storage systems.
Their high-quality products help customers make homes and businesses greener and more independent of traditional energy. Innovation and environmental friendliness make them an excellent partner in moving towards a sustainable future.


BSL BATT manufactures industrial battery solutions (BESS).
Their reliable products help to efficiently store and optimize energy. BSL BATT products are very well suited to medium-yield industrial solar parks.


Coslink is one of the leading manufacturers of BESS solutions, offering industrial battery solutions.
Their reliable products enable efficient energy storage. Coslink products are very suitable for larger projects.


Wirentech offers high quality industrial battery solutions with very good weather resistance.
Their reliable products enable efficient energy storage and management, ideal for modular applications.


Fusebox is Nord Solar’s software partner offering intelligent battery management and connectivity to European frequency markets. Their platform enables the optimization of the sale and consumption of solar energy and stored energy.
With Fusebox integration, it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency in the energy market