Private customer solar panels

You can increase your green footprint with solar panels. Depending on consumption, an entire solar time can be completely carbon neutral, especially if you add energy storage to solar panels.

What do solar panels offer?

Thanks to solar panels, you can reduce your network consumption and earn extra money by selling the remaining energy.

With modern installation methods, it is possible to cool buildings in the form of solar panels. In addition to traditional ground and roof parks, we also offer panels installed on the facade.

  • 300 Wh in productivity per square meter
  • 25 years of working power
  • 12 years of warranty

Autarco solar panels

We offer solutions from various solar panel manufacturers, especially those of our longest-standing partner, Autarco. We are confident in their manufacturing quality and sustainability.

With Autarco’s complete solution, it is possible to purchase a kWh guarantee, i.e. every kWh not produced due to a system failure is paid for through Lloyd’s London bank insurance.

Nord Solar solar panels are used by


We trust our partners!

We are direct representatives of the manufacturers of the solar panels we offer in Estonia, which is why we can offer our products with a better price and warranty. Thanks to the direct connection with the manufacturers, we can provide fast and professional support to all Nord Solar customers.

Our product range only includes products from market leaders whose quality we are convinced of.

In quality assurance, we have personally visited our partners’ factories, getting to know the production processes.


Contact us and we will find the right solution for your home.