Electric car charger

Electric car sales are on a linear rise, and more and more people are charging their cars at home. The green way of thinking immediately suggests that the best thing to do is to charge your electric car with renewable energy. Solar energy is wonderfully suitable for charging an electric car, but the most active times of the day are often when the car is not parked in front of the house. Buildings equipped with Nord Solar’s complete solution achieve the highest charging efficiency.

SolaX EV Charger

The SolaX electric car charger is perfectly compatible with other SolaX products.
In addition to intelligent loading times, it is possible to set manual parameters and timings.

  • Green: solar only
  • Fast: Charges at maximum speed
  • ECO: charging with green and affordable energy

Advantages of a complete solution

SolaX’s smart electric car charger helps every homeowner to achieve the most efficient delivery. The charger connects directly to the inverter and battery solution, the system chooses the most reasonable charging times and speeds.

With the combination of solar panels and a battery solution, you can charge your car with renewable energy even when the sun is not shining or there is a sudden power cut.


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